back pain story

Is Your Back Pain Story Similar To Mine?

It was 2014, the year which introduced back pain in my personal dictionary.

There were three specific triggers that made my back pain a permanent trouble in my life.

  1. The work stress and poor habits
  2. The Scooter incident
  3. The Accident

Let me start with the work stress first (Pretty easy to blame isn’t it?). In a way the year is not quite different from others in the quantum of work. But when you get bitten by a bug called “Entrepreneurship dreams”, work starts to look like friction between yourself and the work. You feel everyday you are wasting your time at a day job that is not matching to my true potential, etc., I am not a doctor but this kind of stress certainly affects the body. The muscle starts tightening, sleep affected, obese starts taking over, etc., leading to bad health habits.

The scooter incident was rather stupid one. I was attending a cousin Marriage and ended up paying a quick visit to a nearby shop borrowing my another cousin’s scooter. After my task at the shop, I try to start the scooter but it didn’t. In a hurry that I need to be back at the event, I ended up kicking that scooter kicker at least for 30 minutes in a row! That really has put lot of stress on my lower back. Plus I had to push the scooter after my failed attempts at least for a couple of miles.

The Accident was the ultimate enforcer of my present condition. Believe me at no fault of mine! I was in a scooter (again!) and this time with my wife in backseat. While I was in a moderate speed, someone was speeding up on the opposite side far away, apparently drunk to the core, and failed to notice an unusually high speed bump. His bike was literally in the air and it took no time before both the bike and rider were heading towards my scooter sliding. I had to apply hard brakes and we both leaned in front with full load on my back (ouch!).

But that was not enough, I saw that the rider was unconscious and the bike was on him. So I felt all heroic, forgetting my pain, lifted the bike. It was then there was a “snap” in the back.

And that’s how my back pain started…

I will tell about my sufferings, rehab story, exercises, pain management, etc., in next article.

Meanwhile, Do you have a similar story and if yes, please share it below in comments.

Until then, Cheers!!