human touch massage chairs review

The Complete Review on Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human touch Massage Chair, USA, has been in to the business of providing innovative solutions especially in Lifestyle Products for around 35 years now. Their continuous efforts on easing pains and tensions in body caused by today’s hectic lifestyle has resulted in a variety of patented technologies and products that are embraced by the consumers closer.

Some of the highlights of Human Touch company achievements:

  • Multiple Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX)
  • 2011 CES Innovation award for Acutouch
  • Keen focus on luxurious designs without compromising in ergonomic core functions
  • Only Robotic massage chair tested and recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractics as a valid supplement to back care therapies.
  • Honored Partner with International Chiropractors Association

Dr. Alan Weidner, from massage-chair-relief, had a great walthrough of Human Touch head office which includes their Showroom, R&D section, Testing area and Warehouse. It is simply impressive to see the level of commitment Human Touch has to the quality of their products. Kudos to Human Touch Team and Thanks Dr. Weidner for this educating video.


AcuTouch 6.0

Human Touch Acutouch 6.0

  • LCD controller to personalize your “Smart 3D Massage”.
  • Nine shoulder height options
  • Three width control settings
  • Three massage intensity settings
  • Eight therapeutic auto-immersion programs
  • Twelve targeted techniques to stretch, loosen and relax.
  • New “Cloud Touch Massage” based on latest Air Cell Massage Technology to relax and rejuvenate both body and mind.

AcuTouch 9500x

Acutouch 9500x

  • Patented figure-8 CirQlation technology
  • AcuPoint detection system scans the back for effective massage
  • Elevating and extendable foot and calf massager
  • Premium Leather upholstery
  • Comfort contoured Neck Pillow
  • Massage comfort control for custom intensity
  • Dual Lumbar back heat
  • Weight bearing capacity 285 Lbs
  • Available in Black / Espresso colors
  • 8 Auto-programmed massages
    • Full body sore muscle relief
    • Leg/foot/hip Therapy
    • After work stretch
    • Night time soothing
    • Sports back therapy
    • Neck/Shoulder relief
    • Morning wake-up
    • Massage Demonstration
  • 6 Types of massage effects
    • Rolling
    • Compression
    • Seat
    • Kneading
    • Percussion
    • Heat

ThermoStretch HT 275

Thermostretch HT 275

  • 3 Auto-massage programs
  • Dual Lumbar heating system
  • 4 professional massaging techniques
    • Rolling
    • Percussion
    • Compression
    • Kneading
  • Foot and calf massager with width control
  • Simply remove neck pillow to enjoy penetrating neck massage
  • Full body stretch that aides blood flow to spinal cord.

HT 3300

Human Touch HT 3300


  • Leather-like SofHyde Uplholstery
  • Multi-speed foot-and-calf massager
  • Upward rolling motion to push blood away from the feet and towards core of the body.
  • 3 Auto massage program
    • Back Pain relief (entire back)
    • Stress Relief (release the lower back)
    • Relaxation (neck and shoulders)
  • Personalized power recline at push of a button.
  • 4 Massage techniques
    • Rolling
    • Kneading
    • Compression
    • Percussion
  • Chair can take up to 285 lbs user weight
  • Endorsed by World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC)
  • Detailed specifications

HT 5040

Human Touch HT 5040

  • WholeBody Robotic Massage Chair Recliner
  • 5 massage techniques – Rolling, Kneading, Compression, Percusion and Kneading+Percussion.
  • Full body stretching- Foot-and-calf massager will gently hold your leg and the massager chair slowly reclines, stretching the spine to increase blood flow between the vertebrae and discs.
  • New Quad Roller massager
  • Multispeed Foot and calf massager
  • 60 Degrees Swivel rotation
  • High Performance PU material
  • Ergonomically contoured headrest

ThermoStretch HT 7120

Human Touch ThermoStretch HT-7120 Massage Chair

  • Dual lumbar back heat
  • Full body stretching
  • 5 massage techniques; Rolling, Kneading, Compression, Percussion and Kneading+Percussion.
  • Foot and Calf massager
  • Customized massage control intensity and programs

AcuTouch HT 7450

Human Touch AcuTouch HT-7450 Robotic Massage Chair

  • Acupoint scanning and detection system that maps the key pressure points
  • Key focus on Sciatic nerves along the buttocks and upper hamstrings
  • Premium grade leather upholstery secured on frame for maximum durability.
  • 8 point pulsating massage system
  • Adjustable width foot and calf massager
  • Color options: Black / Espresso / Dark Chocolate

HT Bali

Human touch HT Bali

  • Acupoint Detection to map the contours of neck and shoulders
  • Adjustable massage function intensity by Remote
  • Sleeve covers are easily removable and machine washable to ensure cleanliness
  • Cloud touch massage give a feel of floating by strategic lift, squeeze, manipulate and massaging at active contours.
  • Foot and Calf massager can be convert into stylish ottoman
  • LCD Remote Control
  • Brochure

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HT Navitas Sleep

Human Touch Massage chair Navitas Sleep

  • 36 Wellness auto-programs in built
  • Each program designed as per prescription by Dr. James Rouse, Naturopathic Physician
  • Zero Gravity massage ensures muscles relax better
  • 4D rhythm massage technology with an unprecedented 104 micro-sculpting deep-tissue, acupressure massage techniques for the upper and lower body, and uses multidimensional robotics.
  • Eight Memory positions to save custom massage settings
  • High resolution, intuitive control
  • Acupoint Optical scan to map key contours for better customized massage experience.

WholeBody 5.1

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1

  • Swivel Base
  • Dual motors – for independent back and leg rest adjustment
  • Immersive experience design
  • “CirQlation” foot and calf massager
  • 3 auto-massage programs  – Back pain, stress relief and relaxation.
  • 3 Massage Techniques

WholeBody 7.1

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

  • Patented Warm Air Technology to provide comfort heat from shoulder to Lower back
  • BodyMap Pro: Tell the chair where you want to feel better.
  • 55° Swivel base
  • 5 Auto massage programs: Full Back, Upper Back, Lower Back, Relax and Sleep
  • “CirQlation” foor and calf massager
  • Specially beneficial for blood pressure issues, sleep issues, fibromyalgia, etc.,

ZeroG 2.0

Human Touch ZeroG 2.0

  • Body Match customization
  • Zero Gravity Massage
  • 4 Full body Auto-immersion programs
  • Smart 3D massage engine
  • Ergonomic smooth Recline
  • Auto Immersion program

ZeroG 4.0

Human touch ZeroG 4.0

  • One-touch Zero Gravity Massage position
  • BodyMap Pro to pinpoint specific area for focus during massage
  • Smart 3D massage engine for deep relief
  • 4 Auto-massage programs
  • Foot and Calf massager

ZeroG 5.0

  • Figure Eight Technology for soothing heels and legs
  • Dual Lumbar Heat with  patented warm air technology to gently cover and comfort the back, smoothening tight muscles and relieving pain.
  • One-Step Go to Zero, into zero-gravity position, the physician recommended neutral-posture position.
  • 4 Manual Massage Techniques: Stretch, Flex, Tone, and Ease.
  • 4 Massage Auto-Programs
  • Zero-Gravity Massage.

ZeroG 6.0

Human Touch ZeroG 6.0

  • Advanced 3D Massage
  • LCD Controller
  • Fully-Encompassing Foot and Calf Massager
  • Targeted Massage Techniques
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure
  • Pop-up Arm Massage Well
  • 9 Vertical Heights

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Human Touch Novo

  • Innovative Unibody Design
  • Full-Body Stretch: unique “Novo” L-Track massage chair elongates the spine to increase blood flow to the vertebrae and discs and effectively rejuvenate the lower back
  • Lumbar Warm Air Heat gently soothing tight muscles and relieving pain
  • Built in Bluetooth speakers
  • Rocking motion
  • Easy-to-Use LCD Controller: manage the chair’s full suite of programs and features using the intuitive navigation control, featuring a crystal-clear LCD screen
  • 30 Auto-Wellness Programs
  • Zero-Gravity Massage

iJoy Active 2.0

Human touch iJoy Active 2.0

  • Stretch, Orbit, and Glide motion simulates the hand techniques of expert massage therapists using 
  • Choose from Three auto-program.
    • THINK: refreshes your entire back.
    • PERFORM: relieves neck and shoulder tension.
    • RECHARGE: rejuvenates your lower back
  • SPACE SAVING FURNITURE. The iJoy Active 2.0 is a compact massage chair. Every square footage is essential especially for users living in urban environments and smaller spaces
  • Recline. Relax. Pull the recline hanlde of the iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair to ease the chair to a near-180 degree angle. Choose your angle and enjoy!
  • Tethered Remote Control : a tethered remote control that stays close at hand for ultimate convenience.

iJoy 2310

Human touch iJoy Active 2310

  • Recline angle complete 180 degrees
    • Sore Muscle Relief
    • Stress Therapy
    • Back Wellness
  • Professional Manual Massage Techniques
    • Kneading
    • Compression
    • Percussion and
    • Rolling
  • Rated as a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy in 2013, 

Human Touch Massage Chair iJoy 2580

human touch ijoy 2580

  • Read our detailed review here
    • Back Refresh,
    • Neck/Shoulder Relief,
    • Lower Back Release
  • CUP HOLDER in armrest
  • Built-in CONTROL PANEL   
  • Rated as a Consumer Digest’s Best Buy in 2013 for quality, price, and extra utilities
  • AUXILIARY POWER OUTLET to recharge devices while enjoying a refreshing massage