The Definitive Guide to Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity Position or Anti Gravity Position has been one of the most talked yet genuinely misunderstood scientific terminology on this Planet. While scientists have moved on minding their own business, commercial side of the world, as usual, has never left the chance to exploit the term.

But by passion and profession, I am an Engineer by work and Science enthusiast by heart. More to say, my encounters with spine related ailment has sparked into this website where I  try to bring value and help to people like me.

In this article, I would like to explain more on the science behind zero gravity position and derive its benefit on earth for us human beings. Below are few things to note before you I put my two pennies here:

  1. I am in no way a scientist by formal education; but an Engineering graduate and just have keen interest since my childhood on Science especially Physics and Astronomy.
  2. All the below details are the findings of my own extensive scientific research which included me running though lot of scientific journals including NASA records in their public domains.

Zero Gravity Position

In its simplest terms, “Zero Gravity” means No Gravity.

From the fundamentals of the physics, everything in the universe is formed and governed by Gravity.

Below are few facts based on existence of Gravity everywhere.

  1. Earth rotates on its own axis and around Sun – due to Gravity
  2. Moon rotates around sun – due to gravity
  3. All planets and stars are round in shape – due to gravity at it’s center
  4. Planets are staying off of each other – due to their own gravity.

This clearly implies that the situation of “No Gravity” or more specifically  “Zero Gravity” lies between celestial bodies such as planets, i.e., the SPACE!

OK, enough of science class.

Neutral Body Posture (NBP)

NASA ran several experiments in zero gravity environment. One of them was NBP (Neutral Body Posture). NBP is the position human body will assume when the effects of gravity on the body is zero.

zero gravity position
Neutral Body Posture (NBP) Courtesy:

The NBP posture closely resembles to fetal position, don’t you think?

NASA’s findings from NBP were very helpful to address a critical issue – Launching Astronauts outside the earth’s gravity in a more ergonomic way so as to have minimal stress on the body of astronaut in the space shuttles.

Of course this applies to earth re-entry too (we want them to return right?).

Now, there is another thing to be clarified here.

Some of us think that the floating of astronauts in space ships as we see in movies are the doing of zero gravity.


It is called weightlessness and is a different phenomenon.

Weightlessness Credit:

Weightlessness happens when the vessel that is carrying astronauts rapidly descends towards earth and hence the body starts floating.

You might experience it in adventure parks; not physically floating but the sensation of it when the roller coaster takes a steep dive from a top point towards floor.

So in conclusion, “Zero Gravity” is essentially Neutral Body Posture (NBP).

Zero Gravity Chair development

The fundamental concept of zero gravity chair is to raise your legs above the heart level so the effect of gravity on you body in reduced – Blood circulation, Breathing of lungs, A Great support to your spine, etc., that makes the chair feel most comfortable. This is because all your life you will be either upright or horizontal (while sleeping).

Read this good article on medical benefits of zero gravity position

Very less people after the age of 40 do upside down positions unless mandated in activities such as Yoga, Inversion therapy, etc.,

But for all of us in all ages, zero gravity chairs are beneficial to take away the pressure from spine for some time.


Well, that is all I have learnt about the zero gravity position. I will continue my research and try to add if something more interesting comes across. Meanwhile let me know your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below.