Best Zero Gravity Chair Costco has in Store for You!

zero gravity chair costco

Ever seen the fascinating zero gravity chair Costco offers, whether at a retail store or their website?

The gravity-free setting, much like an astronaut in space, is something you must experience in this lifetime!

Costco has built its reputation as the most trusted membership-based warehouse club of today. Originally founded in San Diego, California in 1976 as "Price club", Costco has organically grown to be the largest American membership-only warehouse club. Until 2017, 741 warehouses have been established world over. From 0 to $3 billion sales in less than 6 years since the Seattle opening, the Costco brick-and-mortar store racked up billions in sales.

Costco's online shop has its own success story. E-commerce at brought forth Costco products to the internet back in 1998. Costco Wholesale launched B2B online shopping on April 17, 2001, and by 2003, the site has generated $226 million in sales. Currently, the website garners an average of 14 million views each month.

Going back to our main focus, some of today's best zero gravity chair Costco stores offer are also featured at their website- the Caravan Canopy and Osaki.

Here's to give you a quick overview:

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair Costco Recliner , and Pack of 2 offer!

Hailed as the king of zero gravity recliners across online stores, Caravan Canopy continues to innovate with the sports infinity lounge chair. The brand impressively elicits positive outstanding customer responses in vast numbers, which has ultimately earned them the highest ranks as industry leader. Coming from a brand known for manufacturing superior quality chairs, the Caravan Canopy Recliner which comes in 2's is unmistakably Costco's top offering.

The high-strength powder coated steel frame, textaline outdoor grade fabric and double bungee seat system altogether make up the Caravan Sports Chair. It's sturdy enough to support a weight of up to 300lbs. New and improved, dual finger tip mechanism lets you easily lock your chair in several recline positions. Headrests are adjustable and can serve the purpose of lumbar support. The recliner exhibits ultimate comfort, portability and durability of a long-lasting zero gravity ​recliner at costco. There's blue, beige and gray chairs to suit your color preferences.

Learn more about this people's top choice of zero gravity chair. Read our detailed review here.

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

The Osaki best-selling OS-4000 Series is a Costco best-seller for many great reasons. For one, the name Osaki is synonymous to quality. Their massage chairs are likewise widely recognized at Amazon- the world's largest online retailer. Second, a plethora of features have been remarkably incorporated in the Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair's design innovation.

The zero gravity chair is built upon today's most advanced technologies. If you're hesitating to buy one due to limited space, you'd be interested to know about its space-saving technology. Unlike traditional massage chairs, Osaki slides forward as it reclines to maximize the area. The OS-4000 holds an impressive array of functionalities like the L-Track Massage, Lumbar Heating Pads, 24 Airbag Massage, 2 Stage Zero Gravity, and Computer Body Scan. Experience full body treatment from head to shoulder adjustments to hip compression, down to the spring loaded footrest.

Learn more about the best-selling OS-4000 Massage Chair from our detailed review found here.

Where To Buy Your Zero Gravity Chair: Costco Vs Amazon? aims to keep operational costs down to ensure their products are made available at the best price. Costco's consistent, focused efforts in giving better value to their customers are highly regarded.

However, their physical retail store remains the ideal place to buy your zero gravity chair rather than make an online purchase at


It seems there are ​limited resources ​​for maintaining the site's online presence, including the online customer care department.

Personally, I had to go through 15 minutes of hold time at hotline and then to talk to an operator who had very limited info on their online store.

Going to the brick-and-mortar store sound too troublesome?

Too much of a hassle indeed, with today's fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules.

​If you are planning for an online shopping, I recommend Amazon.

​In Amazon, you can buy your ​ zero gravity chair right from the comforts of home, and receive full support from a customer-focused firm. 

While the usual expected time of delivery at Costco is at 5-7 days, even up to two weeks, Amazon can get your new chair to you faster. Oftentimes, it merely takes the next day, and you may be eligible for their free shipping.


​It all boils down to your preferences. 

If you prefer to order online, ​we recommend Amazon​.

​Simply because when it comes to Zero gravity recliners and massage chairs, Amazon has a vast collection of sellers at the ease of online ordering compared to costco.

​If you are interested in costco and checking out their best offers (they ​have indeed), ​the best way is to walk into the nearest Brick-and-mortar costco shop. 

​ (online store) can be tried for zero gravity recliners ​- Caravan canopy since the purchase value is normally ​around $100.

Perhaps you've previously bought a zero gravity chair and would love to share the unparalleled comfort and sense of weightlessness. You may also want to look into the ​zero gravity ​loveseat that can comfortably accommodate both you and your ​partner. Imagine the days and nights you can relax together! Stay cozy at home or fold your chair for some beach fun, a weekend barbecue or an all-important sports event.

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