Zero Gravity Chair Reviews & Guide

Choosing best Zero Gravity chair can be a daunting task if you don't know what you are looking for!
Hi, I am Mihira and I have been a victim of back pain since 2013. I understand from my own experience that your spine needs care and comfort. Otherwise it is going to haunt your nights and trouble your days.

So, in my quest for answers, I came across “Zero Gravity Recliners” and ever since then I got hooked on to it’s scientific concept and benefits it offers.

However, it did not take much to me to realize that there are so many brands out there to overwhelm the shopper.

At one point of time, I got obsessed with researching on these type of chairs.

And what started as my research notes on zero gravity chairs, has grown to be this website helping people choose best chair around the world.

Through this website, I try my best to bring out the best zero gravity chair by providing well researched review guides. I hope you will find the resources in this website useful to decide the best fit of chair.

Zero Gravity Chairs HQ website thrives to provide easiest and best possible way for readers to navigate and choose the best chair with least efforts. Please feel free to suggest any improvements to make this more reader-friendly.

Top Zero Gravity chairs

Product Rank
Product Name
Best Zero Gravity Recliner Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair
Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair FDA approved Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800
Best Zero Gravity Bed Reverie 7S Adjustable Zero Gravity Bed
Best Inversion table Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table

#1 Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

caravan canopy oversized zero gravity recliner

Caravan Canopy Zero gravity Recliner

When it comes to zero gravity chairs that you’re going to find on the market, I can tell you right now that Caravan canopy zero gravity chair is going to be one of the best chairs that you are going to find and it is also undoubtedly one of the best-selling chairs as well. When it comes to this particular zero gravity chair, you’re going to find that this one is going to be one of the best for a variety of different reasons. First of all, the frame of this particular chair use steel pipes that are 22mm in size and have a thickness of around 1.2 mm. These steel pipes are all powder coated so that you get a smooth finish as well as a finish that is completely weather resistant.

The body of the chair come with a standard 600g Denier Textilene Fabric as the body and it is embedded with metal grommets around the edges that help to suspend the fabric by using double bungee cords. The fabric on this chair is developed using woven fibers and it is perfect for outdoor durability. The hand rests on the recliner are made using a soft plastic to provide you with one of the more comfortable experience possible. The regular version of this chair can accommodate individuals up to 6 feet in height.

Caravan infinity sports zero gravity chair is able to assume any position between the upright position and the completely reclined zero gravity position. The lock system is located on both sides under the armrest and ensures that you will have no problem locking it into your favorite position. When it comes to the price of this zero gravity recliner, the price is actually more than fair and you will be thrilled with the value it can bring when you buy it.

#2 FDA Approved Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

caravan canopy oversized zero gravity recliner

If you’re looking to find a perfect massage chair, then you can look no further than this particular massage chair right here. You’re going to have a hard time finding one better than this and there is so many great things to like about it. There are many different features you will love about this chair including the patented technology behind it including five different massage programs, two zero gravity positions and tons of other features that you would love to have. One of the coolest features of this chair is that it can scan the person’s body contours in order to adjust the massage settings and deliver the best massage experience possible.

The five different massage programs are designed to focus on your neck, waist, lower back and buttock. Each program can be personalized so to get the massage how you want it. Additionally, in order to feel the reduced effects of gravity, there are two different levels of zero gravity positions that you can enjoy. Kahuna LM 6800 chair has 36 different air bag massagers that inflate and deflate when you want them to during your massage. The L-track massage system gives you the standard roller massage that so many people have learned to like when it comes to massage chairs.

The personalization of this massage chair is one of the best as well because it gives you the choice between three different levels of speed and pressure adjustment so that you can get the perfect massage that you want. You can even add in heat with your massage if you like. Last but certainly not least, you’re also going to enjoy the dual foot rollers that will give you a great foot massage to top off your already amazing massage.

#3 Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair

caravan canopy oversized zero gravity recliner

Once again, this is going to be another zero gravity chair that I highly recommend because it comes with high-end materials that are combined with ergonomically correct design that is great for your body. The build of this chair is designed to give you a plushy style to provide maximum comfort at all times. Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair has firm and steady construction that makes it one of the best zero gravity recliners in the market. It is reinforced by powder coated steel tubing and still incredibly lightweight.

In terms of the material, you’re going to get a high-grade poly-cotton fabric that is melded with breathable nylon mesh so that you have optimum air circulation at all times. In addition, the chair is well padded and has great lumbar positioning. Best of all, the product can easily be wiped down in order to clean off any spills/dust. The armrests are ergonomically designed to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience as well. With the lever lock system, you are able to lock in this chair to any position you find comfortable.

Faulkner zero gravity recliner is capable of handling up to 300 pounds and is also able to handle users that are over six feet in height. Once done, you can easily fold up this chair and put it away into storage with ease. The sliding design headrest is perfect because you can easily move it to the position that you want it at for maximum comfort such as lumbar / lowr back support. Finally , being incredibly lightweight makes it a perfect choice to carry for outdoors.

#4 Human Touch Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

human touch massage chairs review

Human Touch zero gravity chairs exhibit tons of great features that you are going to love to have. The company has won multiple awards for design excellence and they continue to keep a keen focus on their luxurious designs without compromising the core functions or design by continuous R&D activities . The level of commitment that this company has towards their products is second to none and it really speaks volumes about how they are able to produce such incredibly products.

Now, when it comes to the best chair offered by this company I think you’re going to love everything that iJoy Active 2.0 has to offer especially because it combines the best features along with lowest price point with a great result.

There are three distinct motions including stretch, orbit and glide that gives you the feel of a massage therapist working hands. You also have the choice of three different massage programs including a think program that refreshes your back, a pre-program that works on your neck and shoulders and a recharge function that help your lower back.

Further, iJoy Active 2.0 is one of the very few massage chairs that is done with space management in mind and is designed to be as compact as possible. The handle of this chair can be pulled to ease the chair to get to near 180 degree angle and you can pick the angle you want to relax best. Last but not least, a tethered remote control will always be by your side on the chair so you can easily control your massage.

#5 Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

osaki os-4000

Osaki massage chair brings up the best functionalities of a massage chair, zero gravity position and the modern technology together. Our detailed review provides deeper insight on how this massager is a perfect fit for those looking for a permanent solution for their spine ailments and help with similar problems.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

Despite what the name suggests, actually these chairs don’t float you in zero gravity. They can, however, provide you with the experience of having the least possible amount of gravitation influence on your body.

Zero gravity chairs, also sometimes referred as anti gravity chairs, are specially designed chairs that can assume Zero Gravity Position. This position is best to help you relax especially when you suffer from muscle pains, spine ailments or stress.

The Zero Gravity Chairs are used and appreciated by many including notables like Michael Hyatt.

What is Zero Gravity Position?

In simple terms, Zero Gravity Position will place you with your legs above your heart level.

To understand this concept better, check out the illustration below.

Zero Gravity Position

NASA defines Zero Gravity Position angle as

  • 128 (+/- 7) Degrees  between Torso and Thigh
  • 133 (+/- 8) Degrees between Hamstrings and Calf

In this position, the spine is in most relaxed and stable alignment hence giving utmost comfort.

The Neutral Body Posture concept has been adopted in Zero Gravity Chairs.

zero gravity position angle

Zero Gravity position angle (Neutral Body Posture)


The zero gravity position was originally developed by NASA in their research of Neutral Body Posture in efforts to better prepare astronauts from the effects of gravity during launch and when orbiting earth.

Zero Gravity Chair Health Benefits

When I started reading about Zero Gravity Chairs, I quickly observed that the most important benefits of a zero gravity chair is:

  • No Need of Painkillers
  • Non-Invasive
  • Not even like exercising

Human body experiences considerable effects from gravity. We barely notice them since we are used to the Gravity pull on earth.

Just see below some of the effects of gravity on individual parts of the body.

    • Compression of spine is more common cause for back pain in people. Some people use Inversion Tables which can help in reversing the effect of gravity on Spine.
    • Our heart need to pump blood against the effects of gravity to maintain the circulation.
    • The muscles of our lungs are in constant (yet unnoticeable) amount of gravitational pull.

Some of the main benefits of using zero gravity chairs are:

  • Reduced Stress on Spine
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Easy Breathing as Lungs feel lighter
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Overall De-stressing tool

Read More: A Doctor's View on Zero Gravity Chairs

Types of Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs can be primarily divided into two categories based on their functions and features.



Caravan canopy zero gravity recliner fabric

These are regular reclining zero gravity chairs you might have seen on many occasions like someone’s caravan or your neighbor’s patio. These chairs come with either manual or electric reclining mechanisms. Other features that vary from model to model are reclining positions, cushion technology, and framing material (steel, wood, aluminum etc.). Some chairs are even equipped with extra features, such as sun shades and drink trays, but other models you can buy them separately.



Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Just as the name implies, these chairs not only recline to the zero gravity position, they also have massaging features. Zero gravity massage chairs are available in variety of options. These chairs employ either airbags, heating elements, rollers, or a combination of each, to achieve the desired massaging features. It’s also important to note that zero gravity massage chairs come with a variety of coverage areas, from a simple back massage to a full body massage. Read more about these chairs here.

How to select the Best Zero Gravity Chair?

Selecting the best zero gravity chair needs careful study of the components of the chair. While our detailed reviews section covers in-depth review of top zero gravity chairs, here are some quick tips to make a good selection.


Budget and Type

Zero gravity chair have many different names; anti gravity chair, zero gravity lounge chair, 0 gravity chair, gravity chair, gravity recliner, etc., 

Budget plays vital role in selecting the type of zero gravity chair and both go hand in hand.

Obviously, recliners are cheaper than zero gravity massage chairs.

You can select a zero gravity recliner if you are looking for a simpler chair that can be even taken outdoors.

However, if you are looking for ultimate relaxation, then zero gravity massage chairs are the best choice for you.

Choose Zero Gravity Chair by Budget below


Weight Bearing Capacity

On a thumb rule, most of the chairs are designed for heavy weight occupants. 

Zero Gravity chairs have specific weight bearing capacity mentioned. So it doesn't hurt to check it before buying right?



Frame is the primary load bearing structure of zero gravity chair.

In case of Recliners, Metallic pipes are normally used. Check if the manufacturer has mentioned about powder coating. Since most of these recliners are used to enjoy outdoors, powder coating prevents rusting of the metallic frame due to exposure to air, water, dust, etc.,

Massage chairs use heavy duty metallic structure. Since most of the times these structures are hidden beneath outer casing, it will not be normally visible. Ensure to buy from a reputed brand with a clear warranty terms to safeguard from quality issues.



In Zero Gravity recliners, make sure you see the product picture in actual zero gravity position (i.e., legs above heart level) before you buy.

Recliners also come with a recline lock of different kinds so that you can lock your recline position to your desired angle.

Just remember that all massage chairs are NOT zero gravity chairs. Look at the product picture and confirm before buying.



Following are the list of add-on features in a gravity recliner.

  1. Lumbar support pillow
  2. Canopy (In some chairs)
  3. Drink tray (In some chairs)

And for Zero Gravity massage chairs,

  1. Heater section
  2. Foot massager
  3. Bluetooth speakers (in some cases)
  4. L-track / S-track (better back massage functions)


Massage features (for Massage Chairs)

There are varieties of massage functions such as kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu and combinations using different types of air bags, rollers, etc., 

Most important thing to look for here is what parts of the body are covered under the massage chair such as neck, hands, foot, thighs, etc., apart from the fundamental back massage function.

Ability to customize massage functions to the user comfort would be a great addition.