Choose Zero Gravity Chairs by Cost Range

Zero Gravity cost varies between Brands, Types, Add-ons, and lot more. It becomes easier to choose from a relatively smaller group of selections that fit within a specific budget as against picking from a big heap.

After studying through the price patterns of the Zero Gravity Chairs, we created the following three sections under which any Zero Gravity Chair falls.

  1. Zero Gravity Chairs that cost under $100
  2. Zero Gravity Chairs within $100 – $500
  3. Zero Gravity Chairs above $500

Zero Gravity Chairs under $100

Generally Zero Gravity Recliners fall under this category with strong proven functionalities as required for an outdoor type recliner:

  1. Metallic pipe frame structure with nut-bolt arrangement
  2. Made from Textilene / plastic based body so it lasts few seasons outdoor
  3. Foldable and portable
  4. Plastic armrests, etc.,

One thing people like about it is these are rugged build chairs. Just leave it aside your pool / Patio, no great harm done. Although we advise in here to keep them folded indoors in case you are not using these chairs and it is especially rainy season.

Zero Gravity Chairs above $100 and below $500

These chairs are semi-luxury chairs ranging from Recliners up to entry-level massage chairs with lot of variations. There can be:

  1. A simple Zero Gravity chair with additional facilities
  2. Padded body
  3. Unique design – Orbital lounger, swing chair, etc.,
  4. Loveseats etc.,

Zero Gravity Chairs above $500

These are the full body massage chairs which assume Zero Gravity Position. Price range exceeds well beyond $500 with varied custom features and loads of variations.