Camco zero gravity recliner hidden grommets

Camco Zero Gravity Recliners Review

Camco zero gravity recliner is a brand that has been into in the industry since long and also serving camping and RV market with its wide variety of products.

If you happen to be a particularly crazy about family camping, RV and any outdoor activities like that, you will love these chairs.

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Camco company’s strategy is so systematic that it reflects on the choices they have given to the user market with their four varieties of types of zero gravity recliners and added with multiple color choices.



The Frame of Camco zero gravity recliner is made using high quality steel pipe which is powder coated to give weather resistant properties as well as smooth finish. This means your chair is more defended against the weather effects such as sun-light, heat, moisture, dust, etc.,

However it is always advisable to keep the chair indoors when not in use to avoid unnecessary aging of the chair. If you own an RV, then probably you might consider having a permanent location in the vehicle for this chair.

Padded version of Camco zero gravity chair (5182 and 5184 series) uses Polyurethene foam (PUF) sandwiched between two polyester fabric which are UV protected and weather resistant.

Camco zero gravity recliner padding

For the Unpadded version of camco zero gravity chairs, Single layer of UV protected and weather resistant polyester fabric is used.

One outstanding factor that needs to be observed is that for all camco chairs, metal grommets are embedded within the fold of the fabric which is unique. This has been done to ensure maximum comfort of the user (I understand that some people gets uncomfortable by the feeling of rubbing your body against metal grommets).

Camco zero gravity recliner hidden grommets

As you can also observe, the fabric body is suspended in the chair frame using double bungee cords.

Hand rests are made of hard plastic and contoured to provide comfort to the user’s arms.

Zero Gravity Position

Camco zero gravity recliners have “double locking system” equipped on both sides of the chair which helps in user to lock himself at the exact comfortable position.

Camco zero gravity recliner locking

You can achieve any position starting from upright position to the completely reclined zero gravity position and anything in between using double locking mechanism.

Camco zero gravity reclinerzero gravity position

Weight bearing capacity

All Camco zero gravity chairs has weight bearing capacity of 260 lbs.

Accessories and Maintenance

Like all standard zero gravity recliners, the ordered camco zero gravity recliner comes as ready-to-use package with no assembly required. If you are planning on a trip, you can just carry it in your car trunk an unfold it to relax wherever required.

You can visit Camco’s website and contact the customer care easily to get any replacement parts or support required.

Dimensions of Camco Zero Gravity Recliner

All Camco zero gravity chairs have similar dimensions when it comes to Length and Height.

40″ L x 43″ H in Upright position

65″ L x 25″ H in fully reclined position.

It is the width of the seating of the chair that differs between the regular and the “X-Large” version.

While Regular sized chairs are 25.5″ wide, X-Large verison chairs are 4″ wider – 29.5″ in width.

There are color variations in the Camco Zero Gravity Chairs as mentioned in below table.

Camco zero gravity recliners

Customer Reviews

Camco zero gravity recliners have got highly positive reviews from the users and has been appraised pretty frequently for the professional approach it brings in its design. There have been very few comments on the paint job and delay on delivery of the chair, however the majority of the customers are more than happy with the chair.

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Camco Zero gravity chairs are in reasonable price range.

There were some differences between the colors of the chairs.,

So look for the price tags when looking for colors too so you do not make any mistake of ending up purchasing high priced item when you never had color preference.


All variations of Camco Zero Gravity Chairs are tabulated below for your quick reference. You can follow the relevant link to see more details on the chair of choice.

The only good alternate for this chair would be another bestseller caravan canopy zero gravity recliners.


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