Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Recliner

Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chair Review

Polar Aurora Zero Gravity chair featured in the market a long time ago and is coupled with a grand scope of products. If you are craving for a versatile and ultra-comfortable zero gravity, the Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Lounge Patio Chairs Folding comes on the bleeding edge of flexibility.

Polar Aurora’s products include unmatched zero gravity chairs. The dealer’s strategy is to offer a broad portfolio to enable each avid zero gravity buyer to pinpoint a tailored luxury chair among diverse color options.

Chair build

At the heart of its make-up is sturdy steel tubing with a powder-coat and is a high-tensile for bolstering structural integrity. It is equally rust proof finish for lifetime durability. The manufacturer integrates a steel frame which is finely finished to enable it to withstand outdoor weather nightmares. To safeguard durability, users are advised to store it indoors when not in use as to avoid exposing it to unwarranted damage by weather or pests.

The high-grade steel frame is interlaced to a UV-resistant and premium mesh fabric that allows free air circulation. It’s distinct weaving using metal grommets boosts stability and offers immediate adjustment to hug your body size once you are settled on it. The high-end fabric is outdoor-lasting and versatile.

Recliner Positions

Polar Aurora Zero Gravity position

Polar Aurora Patio Chairs Folding chair reclines in different angles to enable you sit upright or assume a zero gravity position. It is equipped with an angle lock that enables you to set in various reclining angles safely and firmly without the risk of slipping.

The zero gravity chair is designed to give a recline angle that is on a straight line with the heart’s level. It’s anti-gravity design makes it ideal for reflexology and other settings where comfort is an essential, users have nestled it outdoors beneath canopies, camps, as patio or pool furniture and offices, to name but a few.


Polar Aurora Patio Chairs Folding uses spongy mesh fabric which is implanted with metal rings, a large strand at the lumbar level and additional tenuous-proof cords that attach it tightly to the steel tubing.


This version of Polar Aurora zero gravity recliners can accommodate persons who are as tall as 6 feet. (Oversized individuals may have to keep their legs hanging a little bit).

Hand Rests

Hand rests in this zero gravity recliner are curved and feature high-end sleek plastic to allow the user to rest the arm comfortably or stand up with support.

Also notable is its angle-lock that enables you to adjust it to different recline positions, you can sit upright or set it to a zero gravity angle. It features a zero gravity or anti-gravity design which is underpinned on extra comfort to suit camping leisure, patio or pool furniture.  It can be stationed in salons or offices and serves as a reflexology recliner.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Polar Aurora Patio Chairs Folding can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds. It can hold up remarkable weight among recliners matching its features.

Accessories and Maintenance

Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs

The zero gravity chairs come fully pre-packaged and does not require even a modicum of assembly. Foldable, you can carry the weightless chair to load on a car and let it accompany you anywhere for recline relaxation. It collapses to a compact size to slip into small compartments.

While the chair survives without strict maintenance needs, you may want to enhance its durability and make it withstand inclement weather and rusting issues. What’s more, its spare parts are readily available.


The Polar Aurora zero gravity Chair Folding chair has striking dimensions in length and height.

37.4 x 44.1 x 25.8 in Upright position

59″ long x 34 1/2″ H in complete reclined position

The seating width is 19-inch and 20 ¾ in between the two armrests.

The chair weighs 17 lbs.

Other Features

Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs

A flagship of Outsunny Zero Gravity chairs, they are made from high quality materials and incorporate nifty features. It includes an adjustable pillow which serves as a headrest and it can be switched for lumbar support.

Highlighted by unsurpassed biomechanics and optimum support, it is ideal if you are undergoing reflexology therapy on a recliner. There are brand options such as Polar Aurora Black, tan, blue, darker brown, stripe color, and much more. See the table at the end of this review to see all types of buying choices available with this brand.


It is designed to provide impeccable zero gravity and versatile comfort as to suit reflexology recline needs. Core powder-coated tubing carved out from steel guarantees long term durability, this is combined with first-rate vented mesh fabric that is UV resistant and weatherproof. It is also characterized by deep relaxation which is offered by a padded fabric stitching and smooth sinuous edges that support users as they stand or take a seat. It features a weight capacity of 300 pounds and matches medium and tall people.


The Polar Aurora Patio Chairs Folding has not stoked consumer complaints but restricts reclining levels to sitting up all the way to a zero gravity position. This means users cannot raise legs beyond the heart level. Still, users have been able to enjoy immense relaxation luxury.

Reviews and Ratings

Unlike the Caravan canopies zero gravity chairs which are propped up by plethora customer reviews, the Polar Aurora zero gravity Chair Folding is being propelled by its unique payloads of ergonomic features. Its few comments have highlighted usability but some, the main issue is its failure to lay-back in a flat position. Certainly, this is not for flat reclines as a daybed sofa because it is quintessentially a zero-gravity recliner and not bed-inspired. Flowing from the foregoing, the Polar Aurora Patio Chairs Folding is “trove” furniture for many.

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The Polar Aurora Patio Chairs Folding version is currently available and the apex trim level is only priced $3 more than standard models. This includes Polar Aurora Patio Color Zero Gravity Chairs Recliner Lounge Patio Chairs Folding and Polar Aurora Blue Color Zero Gravity Chairs Recliner Lounge Patio Chairs Folding. This gives a good option for shoppers who are on a tight budget but feel compelled to go Polar Aurora for their zero gravity recliner.

PS: Below table shows the available options of buying from Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs.


ColorVariation detailsProduct
BlueSingle Chair
BlackSingle Chair
Darker BrownSingle Chair
TanSingle Chair
StripesSingle Chair
Darker Brown Pack of 2
BluePack of 2
BlackPack of 2
TanPack of 2
StripesPack of 2