Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair

Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner is catching up with leading brands in the zero-gravity recliner’s sector and is vouched by unique features. Unveiled recently, the Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner comes fully equipped to give users anti-gravity reclines and unmatched comfort levels. They come in handy for camps, pool and patio, beauty salons, modern offices and reflexology therapy. Though brands like Best Products zero-gravity chairs are showered with multitudinous reviews, the Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair is overtaking the market in a lightning pace.

It is designed for use both outdoors and indoors as it does not occupy much space while unfolded. The chair is appropriate for camping, reflexology therapy, patio/pool furniture, salons and a wide range of settings such as offices.




For firm and steady support, the chair is equipped with a thick steel frame that interweaves to the seat fabric. The fame is powder-coated; this wards off corrosion and unwarranted wear and tear. Its weatherproofing properties blend with indelible smooth finish to protect its high quality character. While most users have intimated it can withstand harsh weather conditions outdoors, it is prudent to keep it indoors in order to use it for a lifetime.


Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair mesh fabric body is embedded by metal rings and is subsequently attached to the steel tubing with dual layer anti-breakage cords. The robust mesh fabric is equally UV-resistant, ultra-breathable and withstands harsh weather conditions. It is interwoven with the frame and strengthened by a replaceable elastic cord.  This spawns a chair which promptly adjusts to embrace the user’s body. Using an elastic cord quintessentially gives full support to an occupant’s body contours. The seat also offers deluxe and smooth comfort in grand upholstery.

Hand Rests

Like its counterparts in the market, its hand rests are crafted using sleek and toughened plastic with curvy edges for comfort when the arms are rested on them. They are essential to offer you extra support to sit gently or stand up.


While its dimensions comfortably fit persons who are as tall as 6’2” feet, occupants who exceed this height have to hang their legs a little.

Zero Gravity Position

With the Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner, you can assume different levels, from an upright sitting posture to an anti-gravity position. It is equipped with an angle lock that keeps it at various reclining angles.

Recliner Positions

Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair allows you to assume any relaxation reclining angles, from an upright sitting posture to a zero-gravity reclining level. The chair boasts twin angle locks that adjust efficiently and safely to render optimum comfort to the user. The angle lock tightens once you select a reclining position without slipping. It does not recline in a complete horizontal position.

The zero-gravity level achieved in the chair is exactly at the same position with the heart. To wring out extra comfort, users can use a padded pillow to elevate the feet above the heart level. Shoppers who own the chair have found it is ideal for sun bathing, sleep-inducement and lavish relaxation.


Odaof Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Pool Chair can accommodate persons who are as heavy as 300 lbs and its broad sitting width befits big bodied individuals. The chair arrives pre-packaged, folded and ready to use. Since it’s foldable, lightweight for storage and transport, you can enjoy reclining at home or in remote areas.

Weight Bearing Capacity

In line with the manufacturer, this chair can bear up to 300 lbs.

In contrast with other chairs, its super lightweight of 20 lbs is remarkable.

Other Features

Also featured as standard in this Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner are slippery-resistant rubber stoppers on the frame base, they are enhanced by traction-furrows. The front frame has a rough textured and gliding-proof surface that prevents the chair from slipping forward.  All the chairs arrive with a retractile or adjustable pillow for positioning as a headrest or offering lumbar support for additional comfort. At the moment, all the chairs are offered in black color.


Upright Unfolded: 43 5/8″ H x 25 1/4″ W

Seating Width: 59″ L x 34 1/2″ H

Folded: 38 x 25 x 6-inch


Odaof Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Pool Chair is undergirded on powdered steel tubing with weatherproofing properties and premium breathable mesh material which is UV-proof. The chair is crafted from high-grade materials that add on comfort and longevity. With a weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs and 6’2’’ height, it can accommodate almost everyone comfortably.


The Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner is not tainted with downsides; except its inability to recline horizontally and past the heart’s level. This is justifiable as it is designed to be a zero-gravity recliner, ideally suitable for reflexology and relaxation.

Accessories and Maintenance

This Odaof Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Pool Chair is shipped pre-assembled and ready-to-use. It is also foldable to slip into car cargo area to import reclining luxury to the beach, camps or anywhere else. Though the chair poses few maintenance demands, keeping it away from harsh weather forestalls rusting. Its spare parts are also readily available.

Customer Reviews for Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner

Leaping into a crowded market, the Odaof Zero-Gravity Recliner is expanding its jaws to capture a lions’ and has attracted incalculable reviews giving it a thumbs-up. Like other recliners, adventurous users may find its failure to lay flat like a daybed inconveniencing. Definitely, it cannot assume a bed position as it is meant for a zero-gravity level. Flowing from authoritative reviews, Odaof’s lounge chairs are irresistibly endearing to everyone.


Odaof Zero-Gravity Lounge Patio Pool Chair is a worthwhile investment for the price-tag it is given. Though acquiring the optional Utility Tray entails you fork out an additional 20 bucks, this grants a complete reclining resort. In the course of researching the review, most buyers preferred purchasing another Odaof chair.


The Odaof Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chairs arrive with a high-tensile and powdered steel skeleton for its framework, withstands up to 300 lbs and is suitably wider to hug every average individual.