Arksen Zero Gravity Chair (Pack of 2) Review

The launch of arksen zero gravity chair has come to fill the gap left by conventional recliners used for camping, reflexology therapy, salons and offices. This brand offers a grand scope of zero-gravity/ anti-gravity recliners. It was designed after a rigorous consultation with avid users; the manufacturer incorporates essential features for usability in fashionable relaxation and is a treasure for the reflexology world.

Despite the reviews attributable to well-known versions such as Caravan zero gravity recliner, the Arksen zero gravity recliners is attaining an edge against rivals. It can be placed in different settings like camps, beauty salons, offices, pools or patio and in reflexology therapy centers.


Arksen Zero Gravity Chair Build

Frame Features

A powdered steel frame is used to construct the chair and bolsters it for durable use. The powder-coated steel tubing is weatherproof to withstand unfavorable weather conditions. The tubing has ample thickness to support the body portion and provide much needed steady reinforcement. Its steel frames are powdered with fine finish and weatherproofing qualities.


 Arksen 2 Pack Zero Gravity Patio Lounge

The seat is woven from long-lasting mesh 600-D PVC material for optimum air circulation. The super quality breathable fabric is also weatherproof and UV-resistant, it can be kept outdoors without deteriorations. What’s more, the ultra-durable is webbed with metal rings and in turn attached to steel tubing with dual-layer bungee cords.

The breathable mesh portion is propped up by an easy-to-replace elastic cord making it a chair which gives immediate adjustment to enfold your body size.

Arm Rests

The Arksen 2 Pack Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chairs feature arm rests made of smooth premium quality plastic for comfy of resting the hand by the occupant. Avoiding substandard plastics is important owing to their weak nature. The curved edges provide apt support for occupants when they want to stand up or sit down.

Zero Gravity Position

The Arksen zero gravity chair allow users to adopt an upright sitting pose all the way down to a zero-gravity position. The chairs boast intelligent angle locks that allow you to adjust reclining angles by tightening at a comfortable position. The chair’s locking mechanism functions without breaking down once you are onboard. Its body is finely protected against wear and tears.

You can adjust it to an anti-gravity level at the same position with the heart. Though you cannot lie on your stomach or set it to a flat-bedlike recline-level, users subtly insert a pillow to lift up their legs and derive additional treat. Overall, users have reaped payloads of rewards as this is chair grants matchless relaxation and deep-sleep-inducing power.


The chair can be used by occupants who are as tall as 6” feet in height but may have to jut their feet out over. However, medium sized to average tall (5’8” feet) can comfortably lie on the chair.

Arksen zero gravity recliners can hold up to 330 lbs, and this outpaces standard chairs that bear only 300 lbs.  Notable is the copious seating width of 19 inches, this suits oversized and medium individuals. The chair is also weightless, it checks in at 20 lbs to easily carry it when folded.

Other Features

Also included is a detachable and flexible pillow, it comes in handy to use as headrest while it can be exchanged for lumbar support when needed. For uninterrupted comfort on the chair, the chairs feature slippery resistant rubber-made stoppers and its smooth leg rest bar gives convenient support when you sit upright.

Arksen 2 Pack Zero Gravity Patio Lounge

The cup holder tray which comes along with this pair of chairs makes it much more desirable.


Overall Size (upright unfolded): 43 5/8″ (tall) x 25 1/4″ (wide)

Seating Width: 19 inches and 20.75” in between both arm rests

Fully Reclined Size position dimension: 59-inches L x 34 ½-inches tall

Folded dimensions: 38″ x 25″ x 6″


Its durability is vouched by super quality breathable mesh fabric (600D PVC) material that is UV-proof coupled with a powdered frame that guarantees outdoor toughness. A unique ergonomic style lifts up your feet to improve blood circulation, this makes it ideally fit for reflexology. Users can relax with the gentle recline function which tightens in different positions.  The chair reclines immediately when you lie on it to hug your body completely. Arksen zero gravity chairs are lightweight and fold easily to fit in cars for transport. Its breathable mesh fabric gives unsurpassed comfort as users can sunbathe without profuse sweat on the seat and headrest.


Like other recliners, this chair does not lie in a flat level or beyond the heart level, it is designed to give an anti-gravity recline position or an upright sitting stance. This is explicable in the zero-gravity recliner’s niche.

Accessories and Maintenance

Arksen 2 Pack Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chairs are offered pre-packaged with no need for assembly before use. You can fold or collapse it to a smaller size and carry with your hands or store in a car cargo compartment. With high-quality plastic materials, the chair can be stationed outdoors without rusting or wear issues, keeping it indoors injects more value. The recliners come as a set or pair with two chairs plus a drink and other accessories holder to give more comfort to your hands.

Customer Reviews

Arksen 2 Pack Zero Gravity chairs have gathered countless reviews online; this is showing they are highly preferable in contrast to its rivals in the market. While a substantial portion of users have shown reverence, a few comments have centered on imperfections and fade in color. However, the metal does not tear and its fabric is long lasting, defying wear and tear.

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Offered in pairs, the Arksen 2 Pack Zero-Gravity Chairs can be bought alongside a cup holder utility tray at a fairly priced rate for upscale comfort onboard. Still, buyers can get a complete set by acquiring the chairs together with an Adams Manufacturing Quick Fold Side Table (white), at a charge below 15 bucks.


Among the good news to reclining enthusiasts is its ability to withstand a maximum weight of 330 lbs. Users can take advantage of the recline function which locks in different angles. Versatility is also provided by its adjustable headrest that can be alternated for lumbar support. It is impeccable for multiple settings, including modern offices, reflexology therapy, salons, and camps and as patio or pool furniture.