Choosing The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair – A Detailed Guide

Finding the best Zero Gravity Massage Chair is tricky!

This is mainly because you need to make sure the selected chair is:

At Zero Gravity Chairs HQ, It is most important to us that we research the chairs to its core features and attributes so we can recommend only the best relevant chair to our readers.

With that note, we first made sure we lay down the ground rules to select eligible candidates for this roundup.

Rules for selecting best zero gravity massage chair

  1. Should be a Full body Massage Chair
  2. Must assume true zero gravity position
  3. Must have highest customer satisfaction metrics

And after detailed Analysis, here are the top contenders.


Kahuna LM-6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • FDA Approved
  • Unique L-Track Massage System
  • Computer Body scan Technology
  • Two Zero Gravity Positions
  • 36 Air Bag Massagers
  • 4 Pre-set Auto Massage Programs
  • Quick Heating for Back & Legs
  • YOGA Program
  • and more...

Kahuna LM 6800 has been one of the best selling zero gravity chair. Majority of this success is attributable to the quality standards being maintained by Kahuna for this model. Being FDA approved is not a simple thing and there are stringent standards and test that a product has to pass through and also demonstrate results. 

​Kahuna also provides in best in market warranty. Kahuna LM 6800 comes with 3 years limited warranty that covers all parts, frameworks, workmanship. The chair will be rectified to your satisfaction should any issue arises during warranty period.

Another interesting ​point to note would be that FDA has categorized this chair as a "Medical Device". This means that the chair has been duly noted for its therapeutic functions such as zero gravity position, YOGA program, etc.,

Clearly the best recommended zero gravity massage chair. 


Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

  • Authentic Japanese Shiatsu compliance
  • True Complete Body Massage
  • Compatible to body size upto 6'5"
  • True Zero Gravity position
  • 101 Air Massage cells and 13 motors for precision movements
  • 8 Pre-set Auto Shiatsu Massage Programs
  • and more...

Inada Sogno Dreamwave is truly a "Dream Massage Chair" for anyone looking for the best massage chair.

Although this massage chair is expensive compared to most of other massage chairs, there cannot be any comparison with a this top-class massage chair.

Dreamwave uses Authentic Shiatsu massage techniques adopting undulating figure 8 motion​ balancing the body during massage resembling the experience of a Shiatsu massage expert for a real experience.

Made in JAPAN with highest quality standards for selection of material, effectiveness of massage functions, ​and accuracy of control functions make Inada dreamwave truly world-class.

If you are very serious in your selection for the Best of the Best​, Inada Sogno Dreamwave zero Gravity massage chair is definitely for you!


OSAKI OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Auto Body Scanning
  • Ergonomic  S-Track Massage System
  • Zero Gravity Positions
  • 38 Air Bag Massagers
  • 5 Pre-set Auto Massage Programs
  • Twin Roller System
  • and more...

Osaki 4000 is not a second rate player in this race! With advanced functions such as Computerised body scanning for pressure point assessment, Ergonomic S track system, Fully loaded bigger remote control that gives complete control over your massagin experience, Wireless controller, it is one of the best in the market.


Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Ergonomic  S-Track Massage System
  • Zero Gravity Positions
  • 4 Pre-set Auto Massage Programs
  • Built-in Back heater
  • and more...

Ideal Massage chairs are one of the bestselling zero gravity massage chairs in Amazon with tons of reviews and many questions answered to satisfaction. 

Most of the functions are similar to Osaki OS 4000 and the lumbar (lower back) heater is the most talked about function for its effectiveness.

Ideal Massage Chairs come with 3 Years warranty on Framework and Electronic functions.

However, their return and restocking policies are a little tight, So read the terms carefully before ordering.​

In case you are wondering what is L-Track and S-Track, refer to this informative article where the differences are explained in detail.

It was not an easy task to filter the best zero gravity massage chair from the crowd. Adding to that dilemma is the fact that massage chairs vary in applications and cost range widely. So we decided to award the rank based on the best performing in the category.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair 


Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair 


Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair