Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair review

Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair


Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair

Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair is a new brand with proclivity to elicit interest from curious buyers. The brand portfolio packages a wide range of family paraphernalia, furniture, accessories and a slew of other items. Chipping in to compete in a niche led by vanguards such as Caravan, Outsunny and Arksen, Brylane’s chairs are distinguished by a price that matches your squeezed budget, entrancing color options and modern style for additional décor.

All chairs teem with a bright rich color, high-end fabric and a magnificently designed seat. It is a good relaxation lounge that uniformly disperses body weight to decrease back pressure, provide muscle reprieve and boost circulation in the body.





The Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair is equipped with a rustproof and powder coated steel tube that is robust for steady support. The removable steel tube is gloss with radiant and smooth surfaces. It has handy weatherproof properties and an endearing finish.


The brylane zero gravity chair’s seat-netting is made of weatherproof vinyl which is attached with metallic rings and fastened to the steel tube with double bungee strands. This material is designed to withstand UV light and other elements such rain or snow. The use of double bungee cords is meant to ensure stability and steady resting without sagging unevenly.

Hand Rests

Arm rests in these anti-gravity chairs are made from rugged plastic that is smoothly edged at the ends, this gives a sleek surface to rest arms and support when lifting off the body.

Recline Positions

You can adopt different levels with the brylane zero gravity recliner, from an anti-gravity level that intersects at the heart position, sit upright or lay back comfortably. It allows you to relax or rest with sheer comfort through uniform distribution of weight, diminish muscular tension and boosting circulation.

It reclines into position with the aid of a finger-operable locking mechanism that prevents slipping and sliding movement. Inserting a pillow to lift the legs or any other body part gives more comfort while lounging on the recliner.

Weight Bearing Capacity

The chair accommodates a maximum stationary capacity of 250 pounds when a user is fixed in a proper position and observing product specifications. This is significant as it can suit oversized individuals who are shorter comfortably while average-sized individuals can get the best recline treats.


Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair can be upgraded with an attachable tray to hold items such as gadgets, drinks and other tools. They are also easy to fold for storage in shrunk storage spaces and transportation compartments. Vinyl fabric is easy to clean by wiping; this lessens stringent maintenance needs even when used outdoors.

It is offered fully assembled and is easy to setup. Adding clip on table or tray is also easy and straightforward.


The brylane zero gravity chair can accommodate users who are up to 6 feet comfortably and 250 lbs. This means it can be used by short users without having to overhang their feet like taller ones. It is perfect for patio or outdoor space furniture. The seat width is wide enough to suit persons who have large bodies.


  • It measures 39 H x 39 W x 65 L inch
  • Seat Girth: 21” Wide
  • Height from ground level to seat 14.5”

Other Features

This brylane zero gravity recliner has an adjustable-height removable pillow that can be interchanged for headrest and lumbar support. To prevent sliding on the floor, the recliner incorporates double stoppers at the front and rear base frame. There are many brilliant colors to choose from. The footrest is well-contoured to stretch out the feet or land them when reclining.


The zero gravity chair is ideal for outdoor recreation furniture and features biophysics-ergonomic design for uniform weight distribution. This prevents back aches, relieves muscle stress and boosts overall circulation. It is durably constructed with a powder coated steel frame and high quality vinyl for outdoor endurance against harsh weather. The brylane zero gravity recliner offers multiple reclines with a flexible-height pillow and folds easily for storage or transport.


On the negative side, the brylane zero gravity chair is currently out of stock and has few reviews making it harder to gauge its usability. One customer who was flustered by its durable makeup found it susceptible to rust outdoors. It requires due care and timely storage indoors when not in use to avoid unwarranted exposure to harsh weather conditions. You cannot lay flat on your stomach on the seat as it is designed as a recliner.

Accessories and Maintenance

For added fun using the Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair, you can acquire a detachable tray or table to place your books or reading material, phone and smaller items. Additionally, you can buy a pair of the Brylane for recliner resorts with a partner. A table also upgrades the utility provided by this chair.

Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair Ratings

Recently launched, the Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chair has not been reviewed by many customers; it has few thumbs-up ratings. This is understandable as only a few chairs were released and its finished stock has not been replenished. Methinks its quick sales heralds it has satisfactory features and loads of benefits. The chair’s broad spectrum of color choices and avant-garde design has served as its selling lynchpin. Future reviews and customer experience is still lacking to give a comprehensive analysis of the chair.

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The brylane zero gravity recliner is offered at an economic price, buying in pairs or triple can offset costs and its onboard treats can be boosted by a clip-on table or tray. It is unclear whether variations in color affect prices.


Overall, this Brylanehome Zero Gravity Chairmusters essentials of a zero-gravity chair and is inclined to lock horns with renowned brands. Unavailability in stock may jostle it to the abyss of oblivion. The use of a stainless steel powder-coated frame coupled with a durable vinyl fabric, as well as a unique modern design is notable at its price. However, it can improve its performance in the market with strategic promotional techniques.