Caravan canopy zero gravity recliner

Top in Quality – Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair [Review]

caravan-canopy-pinCaravan Canopy zero gravity chair is the #1 bestselling zero gavity chair ever!

I must confess, I hate shopping!

I don’t like the “time wasted” in shopping and top of all will get extremely bored when more than 3 choices are given to choose from. It has been constant subject of debate between me and my wife that while she likes to shop, I am looking for excuses to get away fast from the shop.

But it doesn’t mean I do not like buying things!

I just don’t like the idea of choosing from a heap of options and struggling to make a firm decision until you swipe your card for payment.

Instead, I prefer to buy a product which is trusted by many which is easier and more established route.

When I started this website, I was struck with the overwhelming choice I had to make to pick the best from the lot.

Thanks to the consumer reviews in Amazon, I can make a most informed decision of the highly reviewed product.

Caravan canopy is a USA based company who are one of the leaders in Canopy products and their “Sports Infinity” branded Zero Gravity Chairs are famous ones.

If you just go to Amazon and search for “Zero gravity chair” and Caravan canopy’s both standard and oversized chairs have been sitting in the first two positions of the search results with more than a thousand reviews! The closest alternate recommended by Amazon for this chair is Best choice products zero gravity chair.

That is self explanatory of how popular and trusted brand Caravan canopy is when it comes to zero gravity recliners too.

Here in this Product review, we will try to cover all the details of these chairs which are collated from various sources just for the convenience of the reader to make the informed decision better and faster.

Now, Caravan canopy zero gravity chair is available in two versions:

Regular and Oversized.

The Major difference between the two chairs being that oversized version is 5.3” wider than the standard model and built for people looking for wider chairs for various reasons.



Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair (both versions) have the frame made using 22 mm size steel pipes with 1.2 mm thickness at body portion and 1.3 mm thickness at the leg tubes. The steel pipes are powder coated for smooth finish and weather resistant characteristics.


Caravan canopy zero gravity chair fabric

Caravan canopy standard chair uses 600g Denier “Textilene” Fabric as the body which is embedded with metal grommets (Rings) and is in turn suspended to the steel frame using double bungee cords.

The oversize version has the same configuration however it uses 720g Denier Textilene Fabric.

Textilene fabric body has been developed using woven polyester fibers which are outdoor durable and flexible.

Regular Size Version
Oversized Version

Hand rests

Hand rests in these zero gravity recliners are made using soft plastic for comfort of resting the arm by the user.


While Regular version of the chair can accommodate people up to 6 feet High, the oversized version can accommodate up to 6.5 feet high people the only issue expressed by users during my research is that legs are bit hanging for tall people.

Zero Gravity Position

Caravan canopy zero gravity chair fabric

Caravan canopy zero gravity chair can assume any position within the range from Upright position till the completely reclined zero gravity position.

Caravan canopy’s original “Pull-pin” finger tip lock system located on both sides under the armrests ensures that you lock you comfortable position.

Weight bearing capacity

Caravan canopy zero gravity recliner – 300 lbs

Caravan canopy oversized zero gravity recliner – 330 lbs

Regular Size Version
Oversized Version

Other features

Standard features that are included in both version of zero gravity chair is anti-slippery rubber stoppers at the base, leg rest bar and a head rest support which can also be used as lumbar support when required.

Accessories and Maintenance

The online ordered caravan canopy zero gravity recliner or caravan canopy oversized zero gravity recliner is delivered as ready-to-use chair with no assembly required. You can fold it to fit in to your car trunk and carry it for your family picnics or baseball practice where you can just unfold the chair and start relaxing.

While the chair is pretty much maintenance free, you may find it wiser to keep the chair indoors away from weather effects to avoid rusting and other issues. Should you need to have any spare parts, contact here.

Costumer Reviews of caravan canopy zero gravity chair

With amazing number of satisfied customer reviews, Caravan canopy zero gravity recliners are the most preferred and trusted zero gravity chairs in the online market.

While the majority of the review has been positive, a few comments were that “chair does not lay back flat”  – Of course it cannot as it is the chair which needs to assume zero gravity position and not the bed position.

Overall, the caravan canopy infinity branded chairs are favored by many.

Regular Size Version
Oversized Version


Caravan canopy zero gravity recliner (Regular size) is a steal for the price being offered.

While the oversized versions looks a bit overcharged, we need to note that the chair is wider and made for bigger built people which makes the price point sensible.

Summarycaravan canopy zero gravity chair features

I have seen people know about zero gravity chair with the brand as Caravan Canopy only! That is the popularity of this brand.

There cannot be any better deal than caravan canopy zero gravity chairs that are popular and available at stealing prices with no quality compromise. I suggest you go for it!

Regular Size Version
Oversized Version