FDA approved Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna massage chair is one of the most recommended and even certified full body zero gravity massage chair that will, in fact exceed your expectation. 

​Kahuna LM 6800 massage chair has been awarded as "Best Medical Device" by United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Read more below about this wonderful piece of equipment below:

Computer Body Scan Technology

A very important yet often neglected feature when buying a massage chair is that the massage chair needs to learn your body before effectively working on it.

The massage chair needs to make adjustments in its functions to adjust to your body dimensions and contours so it can deliver many effective results.

Kahuna massage chair LM6800 comes with Computerized Body Scan Technology which allows the chair to adjust to the occupant's body to deliver a better massaging experience.

5 Massage Programs

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair has 5 sets of pre-programmed massage functions

  1. Neck - Waist
  2. Waist - Lower back
  3. Lower back - Buttock
  4. Neck - Buttock
  5. Buttock - Mid back

Two Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity position allows to optimally distribute the body weight on the chair so that the user feels reduced the effect of gravity, i.e., more lighter in weight.

Kahuna LM6800 features Two levels of Zero Gravity position: One regular recline and Another further Recline Angle.

In either case of zero gravity positions, it is important to note that legs shall be above the level of your heart to ensure effectiveness.

Of course, the chair can be reclined to any angle of your comfort and choice using the controller.

36 Air Bag Massagers

Kahuna massage air bags

Right from shoulder to foot, Kahuna massage chair LM6800 has 36 Air bags massagers that inflate individually as per the program and inputs.

The objective here has been to use an optimal number of Air Bags to provide quality massage experience.

You need this air bags to stretch your body in different angles during the massage and ultimately improves the mobility of muscles.

4 Shiatsu Specialized Massage Functions

Kahuna massage chair massage functions

Shiatsu is a famous Japanese massaging technique which has been utilized in this Kahuna massage chair.

In Japanese, Shiatsu technique resembles with Acupuncture and involves focusing on pain points using fingers and hands.

Kahuna massage chair has 4 independent massage functions and Shitsu massage function.

  1. Kneading
  2. Rolling
  3. Tapping
  4. Tapping & Kneading
  5. Shiatsu

4 Roller L-Track

kahuna massage chair L track

Every body posture is different.

L-track system in a massage chair is to provide the right seating posture and thereby decompressing the spine to receive optimum massage experience.

The L-Track has four main rollers at strategic points to support the spine along with two extreme rollers for neck and buttock support.

3 Levels of Speed and Pressure Adjustment

The massage chair can be set to Low, Medium and High speed and pressures separately.

So that makes 9 different options as per the choice.

This feature comes in handy for those who experience that during manual massage, you might need to remind the massaging person to slow down / lower the pressure / higher the pressure, etc.,

You can do it all in a click of a button the Kahuna massage chair.

Quick Heating Therapy

kahuna massage chair heating

The Kahuna LM6800 comes with a quick heating system for lower back and calves - the main two parts of the body which are known to experience most of the muscle tightness which actually results in back pain.

Flexible Footrest

kahuna massage chair footrest

Not all have the same size of feet.

Kahuna LM6800 adjusts very easily to the user's foot size using air bags to provide the best comfort possible.

YOGA Program

kahuna massage chair yoga

One of the main and specific features of Kahuna LM6800 is the YOGA Program.

This function essentially decompresses the whole body in a subtle way so as to provide the overall stretch benefits.

In the YOGA mode, the body is held steady using inflated air bags and the body is stretched vertically (along with the body length) and also the shoulder is held at position and neck is extended. This makes the whole spine decompressed for a couple of seconds.

Spinal decompression has great benefits actually. While it eases all muscles supporting spine to relax a bit and the pain-causing nerves to possibly find the original location so as not to get pressed. This kind of stretching has also been seen to help in removing toxic and waste products from the body more easily.

Space Saving Design

kahuna massage chair space saving

Kahuna LM6800 has this unique feature. When you recline the chair, the chair slides bringing the bottom portion towards the front and hence saving space.

Customer Reviews

Kahuna massage chair LM6800 has got great positive feedback from the users across internet. Kahuna, from its portfolio of  6 types of massage chairs, has been greatly successful with the LM6800.

Other specifications

kahuna massage chair Remote

Power Rating: 110 - 120V

Rated Frequency - 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 230W Max.

Dimension: 65 x 30 x 40 inches [L x W x H]

Net weight: 249 lbs


Kahuna LM6800 is loaded with features that are essential to a great massage chair: L-track, Yoga program, Shiatsu massage, Zero Gravity position, adjustable recline angle, pressure, and speed makes the chair the best recommendation.


I observed in my research that the negative feedback was that the customer was figuring out how to assemble the arm pieces. However after getting in touch with the customer care of Kahuna, the same has been addressed and he mentioned to be extremely impressed with the customer care service of Kahuna.  So that is taken care too!


Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 comes fully assembled except side parts which can be easily attached.


All considered, the price of Kahuna massage chair LM6800 is very well balanced.

The only massage chair that comes to my mind that is at par with the quality/customer satisfaction is Inada Dreamwave chair.

With Inada Dreamwave priced more than 4 times of Kahuna LM6800, the obvious best choice when it comes to best massage chair is Kahuna LM6800.