Westfield Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair Review

Westfield Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair Review

Westfield Outdoor chairs have redefined relaxation. Ideal for patio or lawn you will never regret buying this chair. Manufactured by Westfield outdoor inc, these chairs are known to last long and has been the favorite of quite a good number of customers with its unmatched quality and fixtures.


Chair Build

The Westfield Outdoor Chairs use frame that is made up of 19 x 12 mm diameter powder coated steel pipe, I found it very sturdy and well built.

The fabric of the seat is top grade comfortable padded 600d polyester mesh material, the fabric is attached to the steel frame of the chair using high tensile bungee cords using metal grommets. Also I do need to mention that cleaning it is super easy and fast as it is a polyester material which repels dust / dirt accumulated. This means you can wash it with pretty ease and quick when you feel it needs a wash. However there is no UV protection specified by the manufacturer for the fabric used. The fabric is light padded which makes it semi-breathing. . The arm rests are comfortable with wooden material contoured for ergonomics.

Recliner Positions

Westfield Outdoor Chairs can be reclined into multiple positions. So whether want to sit straight up or completely reclined, this chair will never disappoint you. The chair is padded but just enough to make you feel absolutely comfortable to sleep in. This light 23 lbs chair can tolerate weight of up to 350 lbs and pretty wide enough for anybody.

For the recliner, there are no pre-set positions so you can recline it as much or as little as you would want. The lock mechanism is at the underside of the armrest and you can easily reach out to it by extending your arm. You can also leave the chair unlocked and enjoy rocking it from one point to the other. Though a full flat position is not possible, as with almost all the zero gravity chairs but the feel at the zero gravity position on this chair is just out of the world. Also might I mention you can get in and get out of the chair at complete ease.


I was astonished to see that this zero gravity chair is capable of handling weights of about 350 lbs. Though I couldn’t find the comfortable height of the occupant of this chair, I didn’t find anybody complaining about the chair too long. And the only common issue that bothered some of the users was the breaking of the metal joints on the chair but that again, is very easily repairable with some extra bolts and screws from the market. The chair is shipped in a folded and assembled version.


The fabric is anti- rubbery and chair has a pillow for head support that you can adjust according to your requirements. It has a special cup holder attached which makes this patio zero gravity chair just perfection. Nothing makes you more relaxed than knowing your drink is safe and secured. And it also has a sun canopy to give you shade, it is completely adjustable and can be entirely taken off too. The chair is available in one colour as of now – Black and blue and personally, I love the combination.

One thing I would want to point out is that even though I couldn’t find any information about the spare parts being available in the market, most of the build is metal which can be easily replaced or repaired. With the perfect cup holder by your side the only extra accessory you would need will be a cup of chilled beer.

Dimensions of Westfield Outdoor chairs

Open chair dimension: 24” x 22” 45”

Shipping dimension: 30” x 38” x 8” (folded) weighing 30.8 pounds with packing.

The chair weighs about 23 lbs all in all.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Light weight
  • Wide enough to suit everyone
  • Amazing cup holder
  • Adjustable sun canopy


  • Sometimes the bolts come off but that is easily replaceable

Consumer Ratings for Westfield Outdoor chairs

Westfield Outdoor chairs have received overall positive reviews by the users with a rating that indicates the chair is a class apart. In fact, the only issue experienced by the customers who bought this chair was the metallic bolts coming out (for one person who himself has advised also to replace it when required with a new bolts because otherwise the chair so comfortable).

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And when the price is considered, this is definitely one of the most affordable chairs in the category. It is very well priced when compared to its competitors. The fit is perfect and the chair along with the side compact cup holder tray is the best combination ever. The cheapest and the only colour option available is blue and black

I found the people who actually bought this chair were looking for a relaxing option for their patio or pool. Even the elder ones love it because of the comfort level it provides. Another good thing was that I didn’t really find any common problem faced by the users, some problems here and there but nothing major that bothered the users. And to be really honest, I think the chair is definitely on a par when compared to this.

Overall, I think this is a great choice if you are looking for a comfortable zero gravity chair and want to make sure it looks wonderful at your patio.