Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Recliner Review

Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Recliner is really something class apart. With the amazingly comfortable arm rests and several reclining positions, there is nothing more you could ask for. And let’s not forget the sun canopy that just adds to it all. This is can end being very good for you if you are dealing with back pain or muscle pain.

The bliss gravity chair is really durable, ergonomically designed and super comfortable. The retractable, adjustable canopy offers shade, and the attachable drink tray is just perfect for summers.


Chair Build

The chair’s build is strong with powder coated steel frame. The metal frame seems very durable and strong.

The fabric is body-hugging woven polyester sling material comes in a variety of colour options to choose from. Not only that, it has PVC coated woven polyester with non-stretch yarn chair. This makes the chair super easy to wash and gets dried up very quickly.

The fabric is attached to the metal frame with the help of high tensile bungee cord construction. And the canopy fabric is UV resistant to protect you from the harmful sunrays.

It has padded arm rests for you to go in a super relaxing mood. This is probably the best thing about this chair. There are so many other zero gravity chairs in the market but most of them fail because they don’t have good arm rests, this one just tops the chart.

Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Recliner Positions

The chair can be adjusted in any reclining position you would like from straight up to fully reclined. You just have to find your perfect relaxation point on the chair and lock it right there.  The locking mechanism is located right below the arm rests so that you can easily reach while sitting relaxingly.


The weight of Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Recliner is about 23lbs but to my surprise it can bear about 350 lbs on it.  Though the maximum comfortable height for the occupant on the chair was not provided by the manufacturers but when researched on the internet it was found that people with a height of about 6 feet 7 inches have found the chair completely comfortable and suitable. There was one issue that was put down by many of the other users of the chair and that was rusting. But most of the people who reported rusting always kept their chair around their pool, so maybe it was because of the humidity. But if you take care of the chair, the chair will take care of you. By the way, the chair is shipped to you in a folded position and completely assembled. You just have to open it and you are good to go.

Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Recliner Features

This has a pillow for head support and it can be adjusted according to your needs. And let’s not forget the great drink tray that would never ditch you on a hot summery day. Though a lot of people missed a cup holder on this one but honestly you will never feel the need for it with the sturdy and amazing drink tray. The sun canopy in the chair is also completely adjustable and you can use to hide it from the sun or the birds trying to find a place to do their business. The chair is available in 4 amazing colours – Terra cotta, Sage green, cocoa brown jacquard and raven black. You can choose the one that fits your interior perfectly.

There was not much information on the spare parts being available for the chair but as mentioned you could get extra cup holders for your chair. Though none of them have been explicitly endorsed by the company but most of them can easily fit on the Bliss hammocks.


Folded chair dimensions – 38-3/4″H x 31″W x 7″D

Fully reclined dimensions are 65″L x 31″W x 32″H

Weight of the chair is just 23 lbs


  • The adjustable sun canopy is just great
  • The comfort is stunning
  • Leans way back as compared to other zero gravity chairs
  • Drink Tray is very sturdy
  • Easy to adjustable pillows


  • Side bolts of arms are a little fragile
  • Might rust ( Can be avoided if you take care it properly)

Review & Ratings

The Bliss zero gravity chair got overall all positive reviews from the users. Most of the people who preferred it were pool owners looking for a great chair to have on the poolside. The only common complaint found while researching was the rusting of the chair but it all depends on how you maintain the chair as mentioned by many of the people using the chair

Overall, it’s a great option to buy if you are looking for a zero gravity chair. With a recliner that goes as low as you would want and a sun canopy to hide you from the UV rays, this is a deal you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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When putting the price in picture, the bliss gravity free folding recliner is pretty affordable keeping the features in mind and comparing it with other zero gravity chairs in the market. With the great combination of canopy and drink tray, this one a great deal. The cheapest color option available is Sage green with Terra cotta not too behind. Other two color options are Cocoa Brown Jaquard and Raven Black.