Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Review

faulkner zero gravity chairs

The Faulkner zero gravity chair enjoys superiority among all recliners as it comes with a blend of high-end materials and ergonomic-inspired design.

While a close rival like Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is buoyed by plenteous reviews, Faulkner Style Recliner is gaining momentum as it has posed zero inconveniences to users.

The Faulkner zero gravity chair is a part of a diverse portfolio by the company; there are other dozens of products.

Chair Build

The Faulkner zero gravity chair is spawned to offer maximum comfort in a plushy style. It is ultra-flexible to enable you or your guests to relax comfortably through adjustable reclining positions. With a firm and steady construction, the Faulkner zero gravity recliner is a top-of-the-line chair taking outdoor comfort a notch higher.

It comes in handy for patios, summer sun bathing or multipurpose outdoor furniture as you can recline it to lean or sit upright. Additionally, it gives reclining relaxation at the heights of luxury.

It is reinforced by robust, powder-coated steel tubing which is super-lightweight and weatherproof for outdoor use while it withstanding wear and tear.

Though some users have gone as far as to be complacent with its superior anti-corrosion properties and left it exposed to inclement weather outdoors, it is advisable to store it indoors and bolster its longevity.

The Faulkner zero gravity chair incorporates high-grade poly-cotton fabric melded with breathable nylon mesh materials that facilitate optimum air circulation.  Additionally, it is well-padded and tightly interwoven to the frame with heavy-duty strands at the lumbar position. The fabric is grime-resistant and requires wiping to remove dirt. This is coupled with a distinct high-tensile elastic cord setup that offers reclining versatility and full support to the user’s body.

The armrests are ergonomically contoured as to move simultaneously as you recline and bear sleek curvy ends. Curved edges give handy support to users when standing, turning their body and sitting on it. The wood veneer of the armrests instills a feel of timber finish.

Recliner Positions

Equipped with a straightforward lever lock adjustable system, you can easily select any reclining position, for example, an upright sitting angle or a zero gravity reclining level. Its lock lever mechanism adjusts effectively and safely, without slipping. The lock is made of toughened plastic which locks into a control of grooves. It requires you to lock the levers tightly and prevent sliding or loosening when you lean against it. A full flat recline is impossible in this zero gravity recliner.

It allows a zero gravity position as users can sit in a way that their legs are over the level of the heart. However, multitudes of users have discovered deep relaxation is given by placing a pillow under the legs as it to positions them above the heart level. In a nutshell, all reviews point towards the usability of the Faulkner zero gravity chair, its zero gravity outpaces its competitors at all levels.


Faulkner zero gravity recliner can withstand up to 300 pounds and can accommodate medium and tall occupants; up to 6’2 (albeit very tall people have to keep a part of their legs hanging). It is 27.5” from the left to the right armrest; this width hugs medium and taller users in sprawling comfort.

The lightweight Faulkner zero gravity recliner is foldable to a compact shape and size, this eases storage or transport to accompany you anywhere. The chair leaves the factory fully assembled and ready to use.


Carved out with a slim and high-tension frame, the front and rear base tuning have two grooved stoppers to stall sliding as you change reclining positions.

The sliding-retractile design headrest is effortlessly adjustable for maximum head-and lumbar-support. It has a rich seam of padded nylon mesh that is attached to the tubing with tough strands.

Colors vary from beach sand to mocha sand. The Faulkner zero gravity recliner which is a flagship version is also the most expensive compared to entry level models. An essential Utility Tray comes as an optional commodity and is separately priced. At the end of this Review, I have provided an exhaustive table that captures all Faulkner Zero gravity recliners at one place.

The chairs are offered fully pre-packaged and do not need complex assembly. However, a compatible and optional Utility Tray accessory brings more comfort to your hands on-board at negligible bucks.

It is also weightless to enable users to carry it around, keep in car cargo area, or fold for storage.


Seat Rear Height: 32.25”

Seat Depth: 20.25”

Seat Height: 16”

Folded Dimensions: 41.5"H x 28"W x 6.75"D

Unfolded and completely reclined dimension: 6.8 x 27.8 x 38.2 inches

Chair Weight: 23.8 lbs

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs


The hallmark of the Faulkner zero gravity chair is a brawny and powder-coated steel frame that is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It also features a ploy-cotton fabric blended with nylon meshed panels that allow optimum breathability.

The chairs support up to 350 pounds and can accommodate individuals who are as tall as 6’2 and shorter ones without hanging feet.


The Faulkner zero gravity chair is not ascribed many cons expect its restriction on reclining; your feet cannot go above the heart level. However, this is ineluctable in these chairs and users have not taken the issue seriously.

Customer Reviews

The reviews of the Faulkner zero gravity recliner is copious with positive comments and views that reveal the chair surpasses normal expectations. It is crafted with peerless craftsmanship and users have only notched it as ergonomically and luxuriously lofty in its niche. In the course of our research, we discovered that most users who had experience with it were poised to acquire an extra Faulkner lawn chair.


Faulkner zero gravity chair is reasonably priced owing to its high-end materials and ingenious biophysics construction. If you unluckily have a hole in your budget, you can forego XL-Large models to embrace the entry-level options as they are cheaper. To complete your reclining ensemble, accessories such as phone and cup-holders or canopies come in handy.

Here is the consolidated table of all models available in Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair series. Be sure to sort by model number, serach by specific feature you are looking for or just glance for a Faulkner chair that might catch your attention to buy! Good luck.