11 Excellent reasons that make Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair worth buying [Review]

Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Review

The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair is the perfect addition to any home. It's a chair that offers the same benefits of an in-office massage without having to leave your house! This massage chair offers 11 excellent reasons why it's worth buying and these reasons will help you make an informed decision on whether to buy this specific model or not.


  • One tap Full body Massage
  • Vast functions
  • Customizable functions
  • 61 Air bags - Precision control
  • Unique shoulder bag adjustment and wast twisting function
  • Big plus - 3D Body Scan
  • In-built speakers & Lights therapy


  • Instruction manual needs elaboration
  • Some users expressed that LED lights were too bright for someone in front of massage chair.
Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair options

3D Massage Roller Technology

On other massage chairs with 2D technology, rollers usually go only up and down. However, Titan Pro Executive massage chair has 3D roller technology which will massage you in 4 ways instead of only up and down.

Smart 3D technology will imitate real hand motions, and also it'll allow you to retract the rollers up to 4.7" for a deep pressure massage thanks to the unique roller system.

3D rollers will follow the natural S-shaped curvation of the back.

61 Airbags

As I do many reviews of massage chairs, I've noticed that there are usually from 30 to 40 airbags and I was surprised when I found out this massage chair has 61 of them.

61 airbags will massage parts of your body which are even covered by the rollers, which isn't the case with other massage chairs. Your full body from upper arms and shoulders to legs and feet will be covered.

You will be able to set the strength from 3 different options, ranging from mild to very strong. However, you will have an opportunity to control the hands and legs area independently.

A unique feature that Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair provides is shoulder airbag adjustment up or down to accommodate everyone's height which can't be seen often with other massage chairs.

Lumber and Knee Heating

For increased effectiveness, two dual heating pads will provide heat therapy to everyone who's suffering from lower back pain.

It's done by increasing the oxygen flow to help and heal damaged tissue. Two built-in pads will make sure your lower back is pressed firmly for a better and deeper massage.

The same goes with the knee and calf area where the built-in heating pads will relieve stress on the knees.

Zero Gravity Recline 2-stage Position

Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Features

The position that Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair provides is inspired by NASA where your legs are above your heart which evenly distributes your weight.

It's a great position because it takes off the pressure from spine, neck, and back while the weight is evenly distributed. Thanks to the position the circulation and the blood oxygen are increased.

Many people say that they feel weightless in the zero gravity position, and the reason for it is that it decompresses the spine which gives people a huge relief feeling.

It's also good for lung capacity as well since the position of the body is changed so gravity is affecting the lungs differently than usually.

Computer Body Scanner: Hightlight of Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

​​​​Every person is different and everyone has different body structure.

That's why Titan Pro will scan your body using the rolls and then adjust the chair to your body. It's really important feature as it will have knowledge of your body and it'll be able to massage it more efficiently.

As I have mentioned before, nobody has the same type of body, so the spine curvation is not the same as well.

Unique Waist, Hip, and Back Motions

Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Functions

Some of the motions this massage chair has have never been seen in any other massage chairs.

Titan Pro has unique twisting motions in the waist, hip and back area. They work together with the rollers to twist the body at the same time.

Leg Extension

If you think you are too tall for massage chairs, I must tell you that you're wrong.

This massage chair has a leg extension which will extend up to 6 inches for people who are up to 6'4 tall. However, you will also be able to retract the ottoman for users who are as short as 4'11.

It's great for families since every member will be able to fit on the Titan Pro chair.

Chromotherapy LED Lights

When having a massage, it's recommended to turn off the lights as this massage chair emits cool colors on the wall for better mood and relaxation.

 LED lights will improve the experience and create a soothing atmosphere so you can enjoy and forget about everything else while having a relaxing massage.

Manual Mode

Once you find your preferable massage settings, you have the ability to save them for later.

Chair provides three memory slots to save your favorite settings so next time you don't need to remember which buttons did you tap to get the wanted massage.

It's a luxury feature which can usually be found with the more expensive models. You will also get the large remote with the VFD color display.

The remote is coded to understand both automatic and manual massage modes. If you don't like or don't have the time to make your manual program, you can always get a massage from 6 automatic programs.

You will be able to choose from time, fine, relax, stiffness, air pressure, and waist stretch.

On the other hand, if you choose to build your manual program, you will be able to choose from 4 different types of massage, five different speed levels, 3 intensity levels, five width roller levels, and 3 airbag intensities.

You will be able to get any kind of the massage, and it all depends on your creativity.

MP3 Player and Bluetooth Connectivity

As Titan really cares about their customers, and they won't only make sure you get the perfect massage you deserve, but they also care about your environment.

 You will be able to connect your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth to play your favorite music while having a massage thanks to the Titan's built-in speaker system.

Three Row Foot Rollers

Using the reflexology technology, three-row foot rollers will knead your toes, soles and the ankles.

Not even the smallest part of the body will be left behind, and your complete body will get a full massage anytime you want it.

Customer Reviews

Titan Pro massage chair has many great reviews from people across the whole world. Customers really like that the bunch of features and different types and techniques of massage are available right at their fingertips.

It's one of the best-rated massage chairs on the market currently, and it's proven thanks to the customer reviews.

Other Specifications

I should also mention some of the other specifications and features of the Titan massage chair such as armrest linkage.

The armrest will be automatically moved once you recline back the chair. It will also make sure that your arm position stays the same as the backrest reclines.

It's available in three different colors to make sure that it will fit your home decoration.

Voltage Rating: 110 - 120 V

Power Rating: 200 W

Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Dimension: Upright - 54.3L x 36.6W x 53H inches, Reclined - 86.6L x 36.6W x 28.5L inches

Weight: 267 lbs

Auto timer: 5-40 minutes


Titan Pro massage chair comes completely assembled with not many accessories other than a remote controller.


Price is really balanced and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to purchase it while it's at a discount.

As I have mentioned before, it has all the features needed plus it has some of the features such as 3 slots to save your manual massage programs, which can only be found in more expensive models.


From my experience and after reviewing many massage chairs - I think that the price is reasonable and it's well balanced. Once you invest in a massage chair like this, it will last for years and you will never need to think of upgrading to a better chain.

Usually people say, you get what you pay for, and this chair will really give you everything for the money you've spent on it.